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Michelle Duggar’s Snacks for Kids on the Road

posted: 07/26/13
by: Michelle Duggar


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If it's a long road trip, we usually have snacks about every two to three hours. We try not to do too much snacking because inevitably you're going to be stopping to go to the bathroom a lot. So we'll limit the amount of drinking and eating in the car. But if it's more of a leisurely trip, then we're freer to have our water bottles and snacks. We typically drink water; we don't do a lot of juice and sticky drinks.

If we're in the van, then the snacks will be little finger foods that don't make a mess, typically. Well, they still make a mess, let me rephrase that: They're not going to make a sticky mess all over their clothes, but of course there's going to be crumbs on the floor. We'll eat pretzels and crackers, peanut butter crackers, things like that, fruit - sometimes we'll slice up fruit ahead of time and have Ziploc bags full of it. Watermelon and cantaloupe are so plentiful at the moment so we're enjoying the fruit that's available right now. Of course, those can be messy, so I often will put them in small Ziploc bags for each person to have their own portion of grapes, sliced in half for the little ones so they don't choke on them. But things like that are always easy finger foods. Of course, you have to have your paper towels and your wet wipes handy for them. Each one gets a wet wipe and a paper towel when they're done so that they can clean up after themselves. They put it all in their Ziploc bag and pass it forward so it goes in the trashcan.

Pickles are always a favorite, too! Dad says no glass in the car. So we always drain all the juice out of the pickle jar, dump the pickles into a large Ziploc bag, and then proceed to pass around pickle spears or whole pickles throughout the van with a paper towel wrapped around each one. That way any drips go right in the towel. Our whole van smells like dill pickles, it's just so funny. That's our favorite snack at home and on the road. And for some reason, my kids said if they feel nauseous, the pickles seem to help them. Go figure, every family is different! But those are some ideas that work for us.

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