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Michelle Duggar’s Favorite Autumn Traditions

posted: 11/07/12
by: Michelle Duggar


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Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves start changing colors and it's just beautiful. We pull out all of our fall decorations for the house -- right now they are scattered all over the place! We've started to decorate for the fun harvest season and we're getting ready for Thanksgiving.

One of our favorite Autumn traditions is to go for family drives in the Ozarks. It's absolutely beautiful when the leaves start changing colors. The family has been doing this ever since Josh was a baby. We decide on an afternoon and just hop in and buckle up. Sometimes we'll stop and have lunch at a park or somewhere where the kids can play. We'll pack a simple lunch with sandwiches and just enjoy -- it's amazing to see all of the beautiful colors on the trees and the mountains are really gorgeous.

One other family activity that we continue on into the fall is volleyball. We've got a backyard play area, and we're still playing volleyball even though it's getting cold. We just bundle up more! When the kids are finished with their schoolwork, they look forward to going out and playing volleyball in the backyard with the leaves changing colors.

We also love to visit the apple orchards and pumpkin patches in our area. We like to go and pick apples and eat them fresh as a snack. A lot of our friends have pumpkin patches so we've added that to our fun time at this season, too. It's so nice to go and look at the pumpkins, pick out a few, bring them back home, and decorate with them. We've attempted to make pies with them since the family loves pumpkin pie - it's one of our family favorites. They turned out well, but it sure was a lot of work! We kind of reverted back to using the pumpkin puree out of the can and just enjoying the fresh pumpkins as decoration. But it was a good experience to try and a good family memory for the future.

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