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Michelle Duggar on Welcoming a New Grandbaby

posted: 06/10/13
by: Michelle Duggar


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Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan:Do you have any advice to Josh and Anna now that they are expecting their third child?

We are so thrilled and so excited to have our third grandchild! Josh and Anna are doing such a wonderful job as parents already. Anna is so precious; she is the most wonderful daughter-in-law and such a good mommy. My only advice to them would be to continue doing what they've been doing! Mackynzie and Michael will have another little sibling to play with real soon and we're all excited.

My daughter Josie is actually younger than Josh and Anna's oldest child, Mackynzie. Kynzie was born in October and Josie was born in December. Josie would have been a lot younger than Kynzie, but she came early so it kind of bumped her up a little bit more in age. They all play together a lot. It's really great for the kids because Josh and Anna live so close by, they're just eight miles away from us, so they'll pop over a lot. We're always inviting them over for dinner or a meal. We figure what's three or four more to us, no biggie! It's just so much fun having them around. Sometimes Anna and Josh will go on a date and we'll babysit for them. It's not a chore, but a real treat for us.

And Mackynzie and Michael's aunts and uncles are just as bad as their grandma. The girls love being aunts to Mackynzie. And my boys! The minute Anna walks through the door with those little ones, my James or my Justin will run up, just snatch Michael from her and take off playing together and he loves it. He's this little boy with all these big boys just having a big ol' time! It's so cute to see them all together playing and I just enjoy it so much.

Mackynzie and Michael were over playing one day at our house recently and Jordyn had just had her tonsils taken out. She wasn't feeling great and didn't really want to eat anything so Mackynzie put her arm around her and said, "It's okay Jordyn, come over here and sit on the couch and I'll take care of you." It was the most precious thing, I thought, "I know where that comes from." That is Anna just coming through and it's so sweet to watch. Anna really pours her time into loving and training her little ones and it just shows. I am so thrilled with how she and Josh work together as a team and they're doing such a great job. I'd like to just pat them on the back and say keep up the good work because they are doing what they're supposed to be doing as a mommy and daddy.

Michelle and Jim Bob welcome their newest grandchild on 19 Kids & Counting: GrandDuggar Makes 3!, premiering Sunday, June 16 at 8|7c.

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