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Michelle Duggar on Taking a Break

posted: 05/03/13
by: Michelle Duggar


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Last week, I wrote about our daily schedule for school days. I also wanted to share how we take our breaks from school on weekends and vacations.


Saturday is our family day. It's just a day of rest. We don't have to do jurisdictions; we don't do chores. The trash fills up in the trashcan. We may or may not empty them and nobody really has to do anything. It's a great day. Everybody loves Saturday!

Sometimes we'll sleep in and hang around the house. Other times, we might go for a picnic, a walk, or a bike ride. It just depends on what that Saturday is like. We typically try not to schedule things on our Saturdays and keep those as a family day, but of course you'll have weddings and other things that come up on the weekends.


Sunday seems to be a busier day. It's the day we go to church so we're up early getting everybody ready for church. Before we go to bed on Saturday, it's time to pick up the toys, straighten the house, and get the clothes picked out for church the next day. We start our Sunday morning by heading off to church and then we have dinner with our church fellowship, which is always great. Then we enjoy a quiet Sunday evening. Monday morning will be here before we know it and the school week will start all over again.


When it's time for vacation, we do things a little differently in our house. We'll homeschool through the hot, hot summer months because Arkansas has some pretty sweltering days. It's nice if we are inside doing our homeschooling work during the day, and then later in the afternoon when it's not quite as hot out we can go outside and play. The children still have a lot of daylight then because of the long summer days. And we all enjoy being outside!

We generally take our family vacations in the spring and fall. We really enjoy going on vacations then because the weather is beautiful and places that we would like to go are not as crowded. We wait and go when everybody is back in school and then it's just wonderful, because you've pretty much got wherever you go all to yourself. It's a great way for the family to spend time together.

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