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Michelle Duggar on the Duggar Kids’ Christmas Pageant

posted: 12/20/13
by: Michelle Duggar


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Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: Do the kids have any favorite activities at Christmas time?

Yes indeed! The kids put on a homemade Christmas pageant every year. It has been so fun through the years. The kids make costumes and backgrounds and we'll put it all together. They've memorized the passages of Scripture that talk about the first Christmas and they'll use that as the basis of their pageant.

The first Duggar Christmas pageant was done by Josh on the front steps of our old house. All of the children dressed up and Josh was the narrator. He got his Bible and sat out front and just read word for word out of the Scripture and the kids acted out the nativity.

They come up with the most creative ideas. One year, they took their light-colored sheets and safety-pinned them around their necks. Jessa came up with an idea to make a beard one year. She had long thick curls and she took her hair around her chin with a rubber band and made a beard. Whoever could pull their hair around their chin and fasten it became the wise men. It was so hilarious.

What's so neat about kids and creativity is that it's stirred even more when you give them stuff to do it with. I always have a supply of paper, crayons, pencils, markers, pens; anything that they can think of to create with. I just let them have at it because I figure we may go through a lot of paper and the house might get messy because they've got all these things that they're working on, but it makes them think. Their wheels are turning and they're not just sitting there being entertained. They are creating things and coming up with all of these neat ideas. They get so excited and keep throwing in their ideas and they come up with all these great things.

I think those kinds of memories will be the ones that my children will cherish the most as they get older; memories of the fun that they had, making things by hand, doing it themselves, with us cheering them on and being the audience.

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