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Michelle Duggar on Creating Keepsake Boxes

posted: 11/01/13
by: Michelle Duggar


Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: Do you save keepsakes and memorabilia for each of your kids?

Yes, I create keepsake boxes for each child as a way of saving their favorite items from childhood. They're just simple little cardboard boxes that you buy at the store. I date each one, and I write each child's name on it. As they fill up, I put the closing date on the outside, close it up and put it in storage. And then I start a new box. Mostly, they'll contain paper projects or little treasures that aren't too big to fit in there.

Before I close up a full box, I'll have them come and go through their things and make sure that everything in there is something they really want to keep. Sometimes they'll actually get rid of some stuff. A few of mine are more packrats than others. They get to decide a lot of the things that go in, but usually it's the paper items that are saved - their little pictures they've drawn and some homework - and also treasured items from sightseeing and family trips that we've been on.

I know it can be hard to part with them, but I tell my kids when you move out your boxes will go with you. When Josh married Anna, of course all of his keepsake boxes came out of storage and went with them. They said they had so much fun going through the memories of his life up until the time he got married. I think they had 15-20 boxes that they took with them. It's quite a collection by the time they grow up!

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