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Michelle Duggar on Celebrating Valentine’s Day

posted: 02/12/14
by: Michelle Duggar


Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How do you celebrate Valentine's Day in your house? Is it just you and Jim Bob or does the whole family celebrate together?

We often celebrate Valentine's Day as a family. It's a really special time with the whole family getting around the table and spending time together. Last year, our older daughter, Jana, decided she was going to do a big Valentine's banquet for our family. We had a beautiful spread on our table; everything was pink, red and white. We took pictures and made a special event of it. It was our way of expressing our gratefulness and our love for each other and the family, and celebrating how much family means to us. It's so important to nurture that relationship. It was a day of love and fun and fellowship for the whole family.

Of course a lot of times for Valentine's Day, Jim Bob and I will go on a date, but one of our favorite things to do as a family is to help throw a banquet for the single moms that we know. We want to bless the single moms; those that are widowed, divorced or abandoned, the women that are often forgotten during Valentine's time.

My dear friend Debbie Query and her daughters teach our children music -- all the music ability that the kids have in violin is because of them. Debbie is a widow with four children; their father was tragically killed in a car accident. They have been amazing mentors and role models especially for my older girls.

Anyway, their family does an amazing widow's banquet. They put it on, and our family participates in that. The children set the tables and serve as the waiters. They'll put on black bowties, white shirts, black pants, and serve the meal. Sometimes we'll have harpists or other musicians play beautiful music during the banquet. It's very special.

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