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How Michelle Duggar Deals with Her Daughter’s Food Sensitivities

posted: 06/28/13
by: Michelle Duggar


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Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan: How is your youngest Josie doing and how do you help her understand her food sensitivities?

Well, Josie is 3 years old now and she is so energetic, amazingly agile; this girl could climb anything! We jokingly say she's the bionic baby. She is so strong. But she's a miracle. Even though she was born prematurely, she's caught up in every way now.

She is still supposed to be careful to not get too much dairy in her diet, so I am teaching her about it. The other day, we heard some commotion in the kitchen. Jordan was standing in the kitchen holding a yogurt and trying to tell Josie that it would give her a belly ache. Josie just kept saying, "It doesn't have milk. It doesn't have milk. It doesn't have milk." She was really distraught.

I had to take her aside, and I had to talk to her about it and let her know it would give her a tummy ache. I told her she needed to leave that milk alone and taught her to say, "I know others may, but I may not." She's learning it. She practices speaking it with me. And we just have to learn that lesson young in life and live that way. So anyway, bless her heart, she really is convinced that yogurt does not have milk!

But she is doing great. She sings all the time, and she's on key! We're just having a hard time keeping up with her because she's so fast and so strong. We're so grateful.

I say thank you so much for your prayers for her because I know many have said they cried when they saw her. And really, they cried out to God, and he saw fit to spare her life. And I know that is the truth of the matter because we don't take for granted the fact that she is here. We know we saw many other little ones that did not remain. And that broke our hearts. And we realize at any minute, it could have been Josie. And Josie is living on overtime, and we're just grateful to have her. And so we tell her that often. We say you know God had a special plan, little girl, for you.

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