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How to Keep 19 Kids’ Clothes Organized

posted: 05/13/11
by: Michelle Duggar


[From the TLC editors: The Duggars have a finely tuned solution for just about every domestic scenario. Do you have any questions for Michelle Duggar? Make sure to leave them in a comment below.]

We have a family clothes closet so all of our stuff is in one area, just right off from where the washers and dryers are. So it's in the laundry area so that when everybody wants something to wear they go down there, pick out their clothes and go get their shower.

Everything ends up right back there when it gets put down the laundry chute. So the nice thing about it is there's like about 11 racks that hold all of our hanging clothes for 21 people. I was like, man, that's really, really good -- for that many clothes in a closet area!

But we also have other racks that are storing our off-season clothes that are in our garage. And so we do have more racks, but the ones that are our current racks, that we use on a daily basis, are in the clothes closet. So once those racks start getting tight and you have a hard time pulling stuff off, that's when we go okay, it's time for us to go through the racks. Let's trade out some stuff with one another, and usually what it ends up being is that there are certain things the kids have outgrown, that they just can't wear anymore and so they never pick those off the rack. So we'll go through the clothes periodically and clean it out --Jinger is my master at that area right now.

She just has it down to a science. I mean she can look at something and tell you exactly whose it is and what size it is. It just blows me away; even when I was in charge and really had all of that under my jurisdiction I could not do what she does. I'm amazed.

She's a homing device for any sale, and so it's so funny because she loves it -- she absolutely loves to pick out the clothes, she likes to set out the clothes the night before. It's like she gets energy from doing this kind of thing and everybody else is like "Ah, thank you, Jinger." She's like, "Thank you for what?" She says, "This is fun; I love this." So we're glad for Jinger's love of all that stuff.

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