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How the Duggars Share Love on Valentine’s Day

posted: 02/08/13
by: Michelle Duggar


Photo: DCL

Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: Do you celebrate Valentine's Day, and if so, how?

Our family celebrates Valentine's Day a little differently with our friends, the Query family. My dear friend Debbie Query is a widow with four children. Her husband was tragically killed in a car accident when their youngest child was 2 years old. Every year, she puts together a special luncheon for women who are on their own because of tragedy, divorce or even abandonment. She felt like it was a time of year when single women needed to be encouraged and loved. It's common to feel like a fifth wheel when you are alone, especially at Valentine's Day. It's a time when couples will usually be getting gifts for each other or going out for a Valentine's meal. Debbie and her family reach out to women that don't have a Valentine, and host a special Valentine's banquet just for them.

The banquet is a lovely luncheon and tea. The Querys make all of the food: little sandwiches, beautiful green salads and fresh fruit salads. The children dress up in white shirts, black bowties and black dress pants, and serve as waiters for the banquet. The boys are true gentlemen; they escort the ladies to their seats and then give them each a little gift. The children also bring their instruments and play music for the event. Violin and harp music makes the event really beautiful. Often, we'll have a special speaker that will come and give a speech to the guests. The banquet actually used to be at the Query's home, but it got so big that we moved it to a larger building. One year we had close to 100 people!

Debbie Query has organized this for a number of years now, and our children have really enjoyed being a part of this unique Valentine's Day event. They like being able to show the ladies that they are special, that they're loved, and that this is a special time of the year for them, too. These special ladies are cared for, even though they may not have their own Valentine with them. They are loved, God loves them and we do, too.

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