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Making Memories on the Open Road

posted: 01/06/12
by: Michelle Duggar


Photo credit Blaise Haywood/Getty Images

On nice days we like to go for a drive with our family for no reason but to get out of the house and to look the way God's made each season unique. And while we're traveling we like to sing and talk. Driving around and looking at the scenery is a great way for the kids to reminisce.

The older kids talk to the younger ones and say things like, "Yeah, I remember when we were little. We didn't get to do this, that, or the other because things were a lot tighter then. We were eating beans and cornbread all the time." Today we'll eat out a little here and there when the kids can eat for half-price at certain restaurants, and our older kids always say, "We hardly ever ate out like that!"

We can hear the older ones telling stories like, "What we would do is Mom and Dad would buy lunchmeat and cheese and a loaf of bread. And we would load up in the van and we would go for a drive and we would see all the pretty stuff. And we'd go down different roads because Daddy loved us to see different places that we'd never seen before -- point out the old barn and the neighbors' this, that, or the other. And then we would stop at the public park and we would get out and we would play and play and play and play. And then we would sit and eat our sandwiches and our fruit --oranges, apples, and bananas -- and drink our water. And that was going out to eat."

Once the little guys (Joe, Jen, and Jackson) turned to me and said, "Well, why don't we do that?" And I said, "Well, we do. We still go for drives, we just do it a little differently now." And they said, "Man, we're missing out!"

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