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Finding Family Time

posted: 04/24/10
by: Michelle Duggar


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TLC: Do you ever find that you look back on the hard times and think, "Oh, wow, there were some really wonderful things"?

Michelle: You never really realize until you do go through the hard times. That is when, often, some of the greatest memories are made even though you wouldn't choose to experience them - sometimes some of the best things come out of those hard times. I've seen a lot of good things.

We get to have bible time at night in the evening here, and that is precious to me because we can have time together as a family and talk about the day and what we're looking forward to the next day and give the progress report on Josie and watch the video of her and the pictures of her. We've tried to keep them [the kids] up with what's going on because they can't go [to the hospital] by taking pictures and video. I feel like we haven't really missed the family time in some ways.

In all it's been a precious time for our family in a lot of ways.

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