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Michelle Duggar on Continuing Education After Homeschooling

posted: 04/22/14
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Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How do the kids continue their education after they get their GEDs?

The kids really continue their educations in lots of ways after they finish their GEDs.

It's endless the things that they can study and learn about, even though they've already graduated high school. They're doing their "college" things that they want to do, but a lot of them are getting paid for it. And that's what's great about on-the-job training. They're making money getting trained to do the things that they love.

For the girls, Jana and Jill have been working really hard on their midwifery skills. Ginger has gone on to study photography and now she shoots weddings, babies and even births. It's kind of neat because she works with a lot of the moms who Jana and Jill have worked with in their midwifery training. Our girls also play music and you'd be amazed at how much harp and violins are in demand at events. One day we got a call asking if the girls would be interested in doing music for an event. And I was like, "Go for it." You've gotten the training. You can do this.

As for the older Duggar boys, our oldest Josh is in Washington, D.C. working in politics now. Joseph is working at the Fire Department and getting more life skills, training in first aid and first responding. He just loves that kind of thing. And John-David is training to be a pilot now, as well as a fireman and a police officer.

You never know when you're going to need those skills to save a life. They've already come in handy. The other day, one of my little kids got something caught in their throat, and the first two that came to the rescue were Joseph and Jana. I wasn't close and was running to get there when I heard the child choking. When I got there, they were already doing the Heimlich maneuver. And I thought, "Praise God they've got those skills."

For our family, it's all about apprenticing with other people who are really good at what they do and are happy to teach us. The benefits from gaining that knowledge, and often getting paid while they're learning, are a great thing. We're never going to stop learning and training in life.

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