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The Duggar Family’s Favorite Homeschool Field Trip

posted: 07/06/12
by: Michelle Duggar


For our family everything that we do and everywhere we go is part of the classroom of life. We're always learning, and we like to include a lot of field trips in our homeschooling. And field trips can be many different things -- you don't have to go far to find them.

One of our trips was to an eye clinic where we took a tour and then watched a video of an eye surgery, and it was pretty fascinating. It was so cool to have experts explain how our eyes work and learn about all the different diseases of the eye. Of course you can see videos of eye surgeries on the Internet, but for us it's exciting to visit experts in person, and it's fun to learn together as a family.

Our favorite field trip in the U.S. is to Washington, D.C. -- you could spend weeks there if you had the opportunity. It's just so amazing to go from building to building and see the Smithsonian, the landmarks and the monuments. I recommend it highly because there's so much of our history there to study and so many great museums -- you could go through those for days and days and days and there would still be more left to see!

The Duggars in Washington, D.C., with Arkansas Congressman John Boozman and his wife Cathy. Photo credit DCL.

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