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Celebrating Three Generations of Mothers in the Duggar Family

posted: 05/09/13
by: Michelle Duggar


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Mother's Day is changing as our family changes and grows. Now, we celebrate with Grandma Duggar, who lives here at the house, and my daughter-in-law Anna. The children often make homemade cards for each of us, which are my favorite things. I have those treasures in my keepsake box, the special little hand-drawn ones. It's a precious time for the children to share their creations.

Grandma Duggar - Jim-Bob's mother, Mary - has always been really wonderful and helpful with the kids, even when she and Grandpa were busy with their real estate business. She has been an important spiritual mentor in my life. When I first met her I was applying for a job working for her at a yogurt shop, before I even knew Jim Bob. I was so impressed by her that I just remember thinking this is a lady I'd like to learn from. I had no idea that I would get that privilege from then on! I am just so grateful for Mary in my life because she has been such a godly influence. She and I have such a sweet relationship and she is a great grandma and mother-in-law. Now that Grandpa Duggar has passed away, she spends a lot of time with the children and they really cherish that time. The kids take turns helping Grandma with her business or just spending time together. At Mother's Day especially, we try to really recognize Grandma Duggar and thank her for being such a great mom and grandmother.

At Mother's Day, I also recall memories of my own mother. Mom died an early death and didn't get to spend many days with my children. However, she was with us for our first baby Joshua, and we have special memories of that time together. He was the first grandchild here in Arkansas that she was really able to spend a lot of time with, since all of her other grandchildren were back in Ohio. She was there for his birth and she brought me all the things that I needed when I was recovering after the childbirth. She was there pampering me and loving on the baby and giving me a chance to catch up on my rest so I could heal. Mom was just enjoying every minute of it. In all the pictures I look back on from that time, I see Mom with a big grin on her face.

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