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Celebrating Christmas Duggar-style

posted: 12/21/12
by: Michelle Duggar


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The whole joy of this time of year for our family is focused on the birth of Jesus. That's what we're celebrating on Christmas. We'll make a huge birthday banner and put that up about a month before Christmas. Then we decorate and set out the nativity scene. The kids give us all a special treat each year when they put on a nativity play. They've all memorized the story of the birth of Christ, so they'll dress up and put on a play on the front porch. It's so funny! They'll get all the sheets in my cabinet and pretend to be Joseph and Mary. Baby Jesus is usually a baby doll, but sometimes the part would go to a family member if we had any babies in the house at the time. It's such a special time and we've made great memories -- pictures of years gone by when the baby used to be Josiah. Well, now he's a driver. And now the baby, of course, is Josie.

In our home, the focus of the season is not on getting, but on what we can give to the less fortunate. We go on mission trips to El Salvador. We go to soup kitchens in our area. We reach out to the poor and the needy to help those who have so little. I think the definition of the word "love" pretty well sums it up. Love is giving to the basic needs of others without having personal reward as a motive. We have a lot to be thankful for. Jim Bob likes to remind the kids of what God meant when he said it's more blessed to give than to receive. That's our motto this time of year.

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