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Behind the Scenes with the Crew of “19 Kids and Counting”

posted: 03/18/10
by: Michelle Duggar


We recently asked you if you had any questions for the crew of 19 Kids and Counting. Scott Enlow, Director of Photography; Jim Goodwin, Sound; Frank Sun, Second Unit Director of Photography; and Bill Stefanacci, Sound-- just a few of the folks who spend quality time with Michelle, Jim Bob, and the kids--offer answers.

TLC: It seems like the crew has become a part of the family. Have you found your spiritual lives strengthened from being around the Duggar's strong sense of faith?

Scott Enlow: I can honestly say that the Duggar's faith is a huge inspiration. They're the real deal -- live it, walk it.

Jim Goodwin: I personally have found the Duggar's faith, and the way they live it, to be an inspiration. They quietly state their position and stick to it. Their faith informs every aspect of their life. They do not judge or condemn you if your faith/position isn't the same as theirs -- they treat everyone with respect. I have worked with a lot of talent --professional and reality/amateur -- and the Duggars are the most genuine people I've met. They have my profound respect.

Frank Sun: No. But I've always believed that no matter what people's beliefs are, as long as they have a good heart and good intentions, they are good in my book. That's one belief of mine that has been proven so.

Bill Stefanacci: They are truly some of the most genuinely caring people I've ever met. They all have big hearts, and their sincerity is inspirational.

Watch as the Duggars share their love of music while visiting a church in Ohio!

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