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An Update on Josie

posted: 04/02/10
by: Michelle Duggar


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TLC: How is Josie doing and when do you think she'll be able to come home?

Michelle: We made a huge milestone today: Josie actually hit the 4-pound mark and so she's 4 pounds and half of an ounce. So we're rejoicing -- we're really thrilled! And we're really thrilled that she's breathing room air. She's not having to have any oxygen support, which is great. And she has taken some feedings by bottle now, which is a good thing. Before they were giving her feedings through a tube. She's just made lots of progress and she recently marked 100 days old -- we celebrated 100 days, that's a great thing!

But we still don't really know when she'll be released, mainly because the doctors want to make sure that she is able to maintain body temperature and staying warm and that she's able to eat all of her feeds by mouth. And, of course, she's off oxygen, and that's one of the other big things. They really like for the babies to be anywhere from 4 1/2 to 5 pounds before they send them home. We may have some more time to go before that comes about. But we're just so glad that she's doing as good as she is.

TLC: You've had a lot of well-wishers, both on the blog, message board and Facebook.

Michelle: We received a lot of e-mail initially when Josie was born. It was amazing, the flood of e-mails that we received from different families and people that said that their baby had been in the NICU and had weighed the same amount as Josie or less than Josie and now [those babies] are grown and doing great. Just a lot of different things that encouraged our hearts to know, wow, we're not the only people who have gone through this, and, obviously, we could see all the other babies in the unit and realize that there are all these other families going through the very same struggles that we're going through.

But it was very encouraging to hear the stories from people and for them to share, "Don't give up. You're going to make it through this time. And keep the faith, have hope, and it's progress little by little."

Please reiterate my appreciation to all the people who've written in, even those that might be critical. I realize that they're showing what they think and how they feel. And I can learn from my critics just as well as I can learn from the ones that are saying nice things about me. I just want to say to the ones that are sharing words of encouragement, thank you and how grateful we are for the thoughtfulness and the words of encouragement. They've meant so much. You will never know.

There was one point Jim Bob and I were in tears. We had just come from the hospital and we were just wiped out. And little Josie, oh my word, words can't explain how tiny she was, and you could see through her skin. We were terrified. She was so small. I couldn't imagine her being able to live another day. And we received an e-mail. Jim Bob read it out loud. And we both started crying -- you talk about precise timing. It wasn't a coincidence that we read that e-mail then.

It was an e-mail from somebody about their baby, and ironically her baby had weighed the exact same weight that Josie had, 1 pound 6 ounces, and they sent a picture [of their child now]. And we thought, "Oh my word, there is hope." We looked at each other and said, "You know, this is where God says that we will encourage each one another and take comfort." It was that moment that lifted our spirits. We realized that it could have gone the other direction as well. But it was encouraging for us to see that [e-mail] and to read that. And I really mean that when I say how grateful we are for all the words of encouragement and the prayers that have been offered on Josie's behalf and our family's. We do not take that for granted. And we are so thankful.

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