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A Year of Changes

posted: 09/20/10
by: Michelle Duggar


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TLC: You've been through a lot of changes this year. What's it like to be back home?

Michelle: I think we are getting acclimated to a schedule with Josie, and I think that's kind of what my time is focused on, making sure that Miss Josie is happy, content, fed, growing -- all that good stuff. And then from there, I'm loving my little guys and glad to be back home getting into school and getting ready to start up with music, so I'm thankful, and I'm in my element and enjoying what I'm doing now. Back home -- it's so good to be home. I'm praising the Lord I'm back into the swing of things.

TLC: Jim Bob has been wearing a lot hats lately as well.

Michelle: Oh, yes. I think it's a new routine for both of us. He's definitely still doing a lot of the things that he was while Josie was in the hospital, but here and there I'm able to jump in and kind of help out.

When I'm feeding her and I'm in the room, the little ones can take turns coming in -- it's kinda like the same routine I've always done while I'm nursing babies, but instead I'm bottle-feeding a baby.

I would always go to the same chair, and I would nurse and they would have cuddle time and I would do flash cards with them, and drill them on their math drills, and so I'm doing the same thing, just I'm holding a bottle instead of nursing. And making sure that if it's a runny-nosed little one, then dad is corralling them [away from the room].

Then of course they've got all these other things they're doing with school, and we're getting ready to start a full schedule with music. It's like I'm back into the whirlwind of life. And we've having to revamp our school schedule this year and decide what avenues we're going to go with music, and how many lessons do we really think we're going to able to accomplish and keep up with.

Plus, we've got older ones that make it so much more exciting, because they've got all their interests and activities. Our older ones are doing a lot of things different this year, and it's exciting to see.

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