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19 Things Jill Duggar Can Expect While She’s Expecting

posted: 08/20/14
by: Mara Betsch

Now that Jill and Derick have announced their pregnancy, we are thrilled at the prospect of a new addition to the Duggar-Dillard clan. But as anyone who's ever been pregnant knows, Jill (and Derick, too) are in for a fun, but wild ride. Here are 19 things that Jill may experience while pregnant.

1. A Bit of Nausea

Unfortunately, Michelle often had morning sickness in her pregnancies, and pregnancy-related nausea has a strong genetic link.

2. A Ridiculously Thoughtful Baby Shower

Especially since they had such a lovely wedding shower.

3. More Frequent Trips to the Ladies' Room

Unfortunately, just another "perk" of pregnancy.

4. Some Strange Cravings

Michelle frequently wanted pickles and lemons, and we know how those Duggars love their pickles.

5. A Quickly Growing Baby Bump

If Jill is anything like her mom, she'll be showing soon. We can't wait to see her bump!

6. Mood Swings

Jill seems very even-keeled, but even the nicest pregnant women will take a ride on the emotional roller coaster.

7. ...And a Changing Body

It may be a challenge to follow modest dress rules while dressing for two, but we have a hunch she'll find a way.

8. Discussions (and Maybe Disagreements) About Baby Names

The Duggars use a J-naming tradition following their dad, Jim Bob, but we wonder what Derick will have to say about that!

9. Jana's Help and Excellent Midwife Skills

Jana Duggar is also a midwife, which will come in handy for Jill's future home birth.

10. More Knowledge About Her Body Than She Thought Possible

Luckily, Jill's own midwifery skills will help her out, but we're sure she'll discover some changes during her pregnancy.

11. Lots of Gifts, Well Wishes and Prayers

If their pregnancy is anything like their wedding, they'll have tons of support. Plus there's something about first children that brings out people's generous sides.

12. Sleepless Nights

It can be brought on by a combination of hormonal dreams, the baby moving and new mom anxiety.

13. Solid Parenting Advice from Mom

The "19 Kids" matriarch is known for her on-point suggestions.

14. New Hand-Me-Down Maternity Wear

We're sure Jill will find some cute, bargain-friendly items to wear. Maybe even a few pieces from her mom or Anna?

15. Lots of Help from Her Family

If there's one thing Duggars know about, it's teamwork.

16. Some Saving Tips from Anna

This Duggar lady is a pro at budgeting for a family.

17. A Doting Husband

It looks like Derick is already comfortable with little ones.

18. A Precious Baby Come Spring 2015

You watched Jill transform from an adorable young girl to a beautiful young woman. Derick isn't so bad himself (see below). We think it's safe to say that their baby will be a good-looking kid.

19. Tons of New Adventures

Having a large family hasn't stopped the Duggars from traveling the world. We hope Jill and Derick's most amazing experiences are yet to come.

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