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Aug. 22, 2012

Family Chore Ideas

Run your house like a Duggar! We’ve got chore lists for every age group to get you started. Print them up and get cleaning now!

Jan. 17, 2011

Duggars by the Numbers

Learn about The Duggars by the Numbers: 19 Kids and Counting, a show about a very large family. Learn more about the Duggars by the Numbers and their 19 Kids and Counting here.

Jan. 17, 2011

Jim Bob Duggar's Tips For a Healthy Marriage

19 Kids and Counting presents Jim Bob's marriage tips. Learn more about Jim Bob's marriage tips from 19 Kids and Counting here.

Sep. 28, 2009

Michelle Duggar's Wedding Dress

Have you seen Michelle Duggar's wedding dress? Check out photos of Michelle Duggar's dress at TLC Weddings.

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