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8 Simple Rules for Dating a Duggar Daughter

posted: 10/29/14
by: Mara Betsch

In the last season of "19 Kids and Counting," you've seen not one, but two Duggar daughters (Jill and Jessa) go through the courting process. And you've probably noticed that the Duggars take courting (their version of dating) very seriously. Each Duggar lady (and Duggar guy, too) sets standards for her relationship as soon as a courtship is official, but the rules evolve as the relationship becomes more serious. Read on to get all the do's and don'ts of Duggar dating.

1. Dad approves all courtships

Before a boy approaches one of the lovely Duggar daughters, he must go through Jim Bob first. After he makes his interest known, Jim Bob helps vet the suitor to make sure he embodies the values the Duggar girls require in a mate. Watch below as a nervous Ben Seewald asks Jessa Duggar to officially court.

2. No dating without a chaperone

To help enforce their rules for dating, the ladies are required to have a chaperone on each of their dates. But the chaperone doesn't have to be an adult. In fact, many of the younger Duggars tag along, often in exchange for candy!

3. No chest-on-chest contact. Side hugs only!

When the Duggars girls are greeting their beaus, they often go in for an innocent side hug. Any other public displays of affection are off-limits.

4. Holding hands is only allowed if you're engaged

The rules that the girls set during the courtships evolve with the relationship. Once a lucky boy puts a ring on a Duggar daughter's finger, he's allowed to hold her hand, but that's it. Anyone who gets too "handsy" will have to answer to Jim Bob.

5. Dad and mom are cc'd on texts

In order to hold their daughters accountable, Mom and Dad Duggar ask to be cc'd on the girls' text messages while they're courting (or listen in on Skype calls, as you can see below). They make sure the conversation stays PG and help the girls focus on getting to know their suitors. Once engaged, the girls get a bit more privacy when communicating.

6. Dress (modestly) to impress

You won't catch any of the Duggar girls in trendy crop tops or mini skirts. Instead, they practice modest dress, which means keeping shoulders, thighs and cleavage covered. Not only does it prevent distractions while dating, but it also "keeps the relationship pure" according to Michelle. Luckily, the Duggar girls are savvy about making modesty fashionable, wearing lots of maxi skirts and layering tank tops.

7. No alcohol

As part of their religious views, the Duggar ladies say no to all forms of alcohol, in order to keep their heads and hearts clear throughout the dating process. So you better believe that's not wine they are toasting with below.

8. NO kissing (or any other hanky panky)

In order to emphasize communication and getting to know their significant other, the Duggar daughters agree to save their first kiss, and everything that follows, for their wedding day.

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