How Well Do You Know the Duggars?


The Duggar family keeps growing and growing. How well do you know them?

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The Duggars have two cats. What are their names?

Snickers and Trixie
Milky Way and Midnight
Jujube and Juniper

... The Duggars' cats are named Milky Way and Midnight.

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How did Jim Bob and Michelle meet?

Jim Bob visited Michelle for his church's outreach.
Jim Bob served Michelle frozen yogurt at his after-school job.
Jim Bob did yard work for Michelle's parents.

... On a visit to Jim Bob's church, Michelle filled out a card requesting that church members contact her. Jim Bob went to Michelle's house as part of his church's outreach to visitors and new members.

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Which of these family business have the Duggars NOT had?

commercial real estate
janitorial service

... The Duggars have had many family businesses, but they have never run a janitorial service.

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How do the Duggars keep track of each other out in public?

They wear the same color shirts.
They carry walkie-talkies.
The Duggars NEVER seperate from each other.

... The Duggars wear the same color shirts to keep track of each other in public.They also use the buddy system, where an older sibling is responsible for a number of the younger siblings.

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Why do all the children's names begin with the letter "J"?

All of Jim Bob's siblings have names starting with the letter "J."
All of Michelle's favorite biblical prophets' names started with the letter "J."
Once they started with the "J" names, they never wanted any of the new babies to feel left out.

... Joshua is named after a biblical figure, but Jana and John-David were just names that the Duggars liked. But once they had three J's, they didn't want the fourth baby to feel left out, in case that baby turned out to be the last. So the J's continued ... and continued ...

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Which twin was born first: Jana or John-David?


... Jana is 3 minutes older than John-David.

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Which twin was born first: Jeremiah or Jedidiah?


... Jedidiah was born before Jeremiah.

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How many terms did Jim Bob serve as an Arkansas state representative?


... Jim Bob served two terms. He was elected in 1998 and re-elected in 2000.

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What's in the Duggar kids' bedroom closets?

a graphic design studio for the boys and a sewing room for the girls
a cave hideout for the boys and a mini hair-salon for the girls
Duh! Clothes!

... The Duggars' clothes are kept in a clothing room next to the laundry room, not in their closets.The boys' closet was converted into a graphic design/video editing studio, and the girls' closet is a sewing room.

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What is the Duggar family buddy system?

Older siblings are paired with younger siblings and are responsible for helping with schoolwork, dressing and chores.
Each kid is paired with a same age child from the neighborhood to play instruments with.
Each kid is paired with a sibling close in age to assist in chores and music rehearsals.

... The older Duggar children are paired with younger siblings to help with chores (jurisdictions), schoolwork and music practice, and to be a mentor and friend.

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Jim Bob’s niece, Amy Duggar, wishes to one day become what?

country singer
a mom, just like Michelle

... Amy Duggar is an aspiring country music singer.

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How many of the 19 kids are boys?


... There are ten boys and nine girls in the family.

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The Duggars believe their Christian beliefs require them to:

restrict Internet usage
wear modest clothing
educate the kids at home
all of the above

... The Duggars believe deeply in the Bible and because of this they practice things such as chaperoned dating, modest clothing, restricted Internet usage, and homeschooling. They also keep the boys' hair cut short and the girls’ hair long.

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How many sets of twins did Jim Bob and Michelle have?


... The couple has two sets of twins: Jana and John-David, and Jedidiah and Jeremiah.

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Which of the following holidays do the Duggars not celebrate?

Valentine’s Day
Thanksgiving Day

... The Duggars decided to not celebrate Halloween at the start of their marriage. However, they do enjoy the harvest celebrations.

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How many grandkid(s) do Jim and Michelle have?


... The couple has 3 grandkids by Josh, their oldest son.

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The Duggars recently lost their 20th child in a miscarriage. What was the baby’s name?


... Michelle revealed that she miscarried her baby Jubilee Shalom in December 2011.

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What is Jim Bob’s occupation?

construction worker
IT specialist
real estate agent

... Jim Bob is currently a real estate agent and investor.

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How many months premature was the Duggar’s youngest child, Josie?

four months
three months
one month

... Josie was born on December 10, 2009, three months premature.

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Where do the Duggars reside?

Fairbanks, Alaska
Tucson, Arizona
Tontitown, Arkansas

... The Duggars reside in Tontitown, Arkansas.


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