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Josh and Anna Duggar Announce the Gender of Their 4th Child

posted: 03/02/15

In December, Josh and Anna Duggar announced that they were pregnant with their fourth bundle of joy, who will join their daughter Mackynzie, 5, and sons Michael 3, and Marcus, 1. And now they're ready to announce the gender of the new addition to their family.

It's a girl!

The baby is due in July, just a few months after Josh's sister Jill, and the DC-based family couldn't be more excited. Though the family is united in their eagerness to meet the newest member of the family, they were divided on the gender.

Josh, 26, predicted it would be a boy while Anna, 26, thought it would be a girl. The kids cast their votes, too. "Mackynzie wanted a girl, Michael wanted a boy," Anna told People. Unsurprisingly, Marcus remained mum.

Because they wanted to be surprised with the baby's gender, Josh and Anna went to great lengths to keep it a secret. They turned their heads during their most recent ultrasound, and the technician put the results in an envelope.

The lovely ladies from "DC Cupcakes" created special gender reveal cupcakes, filled with frosting that corresponds to the baby's gender. The whole family took a bite of the sweet treats and discovered pink icing. It looks like the boy-girl ratio will be even this summer.

Josh didn't confirm that the baby's name would definitely start with "M," but he hinted that they were "likely going down the same path."

And while the couple remains open to growing their family, they realize that they may never have as many kids as Josh's parents. "I've done the math, and there is no way we can have 20 kids that I can figure," Josh told People.

Because this is Anna's first pregnancy away from her and Josh's families, they're taking time to plan for their little girl's arrival, preferably with a home birth. They're also preparing for a more hectic day-to-day life. "It's definitely busier the more you have. But it is a happy busy. There is no better way to invest my life, my body and my time than to my children. They are a huge responsibility and a blessing. And all good things in life require work," Anna told People.

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