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New Amy Duggar Special! A Duggar Leaves Home

posted: 05/12/14
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Sneak Peek! Amy Duggar, niece of Jim Bob and Michelle, is back with a new special.

Amy Duggar pursues her passion for country music in a new special, A DUGGAR LEAVES HOME.

The Duggar family has long been known for their large loving brood of 19 kids, and pride themselves on their conservative values and modest clothing. But not all Duggars are cut from the same cloth. Known as the fun-loving cousin from 19 KIDS & COUNTING, Amy is a different kind of Duggar. She's a little louder, a little wilder, and is about to try big city living for the first time in Nashville, Tennessee. With dreams of becoming a country music star, Amy is packing her bags and branching out from her supersized family.

Amy's journey to the famed "Music City" and the home of country music takes this free-spirit out of Northwest Arkansas and into the recording studio, but rest assured, she won't go it alone. She's bringing reinforcements in the form of mom Deanna and beloved Grandma Duggar. From getting a feel for what the new city has to offer to singing on stage at an open mic night, Amy struggles to handle the not-so-glamorous side of life as an up-and-coming artist. Does she have what it takes to make it as a country music star?

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