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The Production Crew Answers Your Questions: The Duggars

posted: 01/17/11
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The production crew from 19 Kids and Counting answer questions. See more pictures from 19 Kids and Counting.

Q: What's the biggest challenge in working with so many kids at one time?

Scott: Keeping track of everyone's whereabouts is my toughest challenge. There are a grand total of 24 people in the immediate family including Grandma, Anna & Mackynzie and let me tell you, everyone has a story.

Jim: Focusing on just one kid or group of kids interacting can be a challenge. They are all potentially interesting, so maintaining a single story line to the end is sometimes tough.

Frank: Running after the ones who are fast and trying to include everyone in the show.

Bill: When we're shooting with a lot of kids at once it's hard to get all of what they are saying. My job is to follow the cameraman's lens, and sometimes it moves pretty fast.

Q: I'm curious what the relationship is like between the crew and the cast. Do you get a chance to interact with the Duggars as you're filming, or are you mostly just trying to stay out of the way and be kind of a fly on the wall?

Scott: I've been chasing the Duggars around for 6 years or so and feel to be part of the family. We are constantly interacting with them, mostly in a humorous manner. We have way too much fun on this show.

Jim: While taping, we stay out of the way - the story is about the Duggars, not the crew. Before and after taping, though, we're friends and chatter a lot.

Frank: We do get a chance to interact with them, but mostly production related issues. Usually we do stay away and be a fly on the wall. However, as we've been around them so much it's difficult to not develop a relationship with their family, especially when they are so inviting. We do keep things as professional as possible.

Bill: Interaction all the time. Sometimes the little ones will just start talking to us when we're trying to shoot something, but we are all talking to each other when the camera stops rolling for a minute.

Q: It seems like the crew has become a part of the family. Have you found your spiritual lives strengthened from being around the Duggars strong sense of faith?

Scott: I can honestly say that the Duggars faith is a huge inspiration. They are the real deal. Live it, walk it.

Jim: I personally have found the Duggar's faith, and the way they live it, to be an inspiration. They quietly state their position and stick to it. Their faith informs every aspect of their life. They do NOT judge or condemn you if your faith/position is not the same as theirs- they treat everyone with respect. I have worked with a LOT of talent, professional and reality/amateur, and the Duggars are the most genuine people I have met. They have my profound respect.

Frank: No. But I've always believed in that no matter what peoples' beliefs are, as long as they have a good heart and good intentions, they are good in my book. That is one belief of mine that has been proven so.

Bill: They are truly some of the most genuinely caring people I have ever met. They all have big hearts and their sincerity is inspirational.

Q: Can we get a show of hands for this question ... how many of the crew members like tater tot casserole?!

Scott: I've got to admit that tater tot casserole is pretty good and will it fill you right up.

Jim: Never had Tater Tot casserole.

Frank: Never had one

Bill: Haven't had that one yet -- is it vegetarian?

Q: When you were assigned to this show and realized you would have to spend a lot of time in rural Arkansas with this mega-family, what were your preconceptions and how has that changed?

Scott: I spent part of my childhood growing up in a far more rural part of the Panhandle of Oklahoma so Northwest Arkansas ain't bad. I am fortunate though to live outside of Nashville these days and spend every weekend at home.

Jim: I have been in the business over 30 years doing everything from sports to commercials to films, so professionally I knew what to expect. I did not expect the level of camaraderie among the crew and the friendships that developed with the family.

Frank: I love NW, Arkansas, mainly because I love filming this family and I love the crew that I work with.

Bill: My commitment with the show ramped up over some time, so I kind of eased into a full-time position. I met the Duggars on a few freelance shoots a few years ago, so I knew what the deal was.

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