YouTube is Making Big Changes to Protect Your Kids. Here’s What You Need to Know

posted: 12/28/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Little girl playing on her tablet at home
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Little girl playing on her tablet at home


While kids are happily watching videos on YouTube, parents assume they are spending their screen time viewing education videos, clips from their favorite shows, and age appropriate channels that produce kid-friendly content. However with just a few clicks, your kids can stumble upon YouTube content that is not appropriate for young viewers. If you have felt frustration at what your kids can easily access, YouTube is listening and making major changes.

The vice president of product management at YouTube, Johanna Wright, wrote on the company's blog how they will ensure your kids are viewing age appropriate content. YouTube has outlined five steps they will be taking to ensure safer viewing for your kids and it goes beyond just deleting vidoes. Here's what parents need to know:

  1. Tougher application of our Community Guidelines and faster enforcement through technology: YouTube partners with regional authorities and experts to enforce policies and report inappropriate content. Already they have terminated a number of accounts and removed thousands of videos and plan to continue quickly removing more videos every day.
  2. Removing ads from inappropriate videos targeting families: YouTube will now remove ads from any videos depicting family entertainment characters engaged in violent, offensive, or inappropriate behavior. So no more worrying your kids will click on a video with their favorite characters only to find them in inappropriate videos. Already millions of these types of videos and ads have been removed.
  3. Blocking inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors: YouTube will begin taking an even more aggressive stance by turning off all comments on videos of minors where they see these types of comments appear.
  4. Providing guidance for creators who make family-friendly content: To help creators produce quality and kid-friendly content, they have created a platform for family-friendly vidoes -- YouTube Kids. YouTube will share with creators how to make enriching family content for YouTube Kids.
  5. Engaging and learning from experts: To better understand which content is intended for adults or children, YouTube will be growing the number of experts and Trusted Flaggers they work with to make sure only child-friendly content appears in your child's searches.