Your Tattoos Can Now Be Immortalized as Artwork

posted: 10/01/15
by: Courtney Reimer

Tattoo lovers, take note: your skin art can now live on as literal art, even after you've departed this earthly realm.

NAPSA, the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art, has now made it so tattoo aficionados can pass on their tattoos to posterity after they've passed on. Essentially what they've set up is something of a tattoo will meets skin taxidermy (for lack of a less graphic term) meets high art.

If the idea is perplexing, here's how they explain it on their site SaveMySkin.com:

"Whether you have spent countless hours and large sums of money on your tattoos or you have a few especially meaningful pieces, the labor and stories behind your tattoos can now carry on for future generations to experience."

As for how it works: once you have your "tattoo beneficiary" contract in place with NAPSA, your beneficiary has 18 hours to set the process in motion, which involves a preservation kit that is given the "recovery provider" (a.k.a. funeral home) to do the necessary steps to make sure it's saved. And then, three to six months later, voila! You receive your loved one's tattoo in the form of a beautiful piece of artwork.

Above and below are some especially standout ones; to see more go to SaveMySkin.com.

[Photos courtesy SaveMySkin.com]