Your New Favorite Summer Activity: Hit Up a Minor League Game!

posted: 06/24/16
by: Katie Morton
picture of baseball fans

America's National Pastime has been a summer favorite since your great grandparents' era. Few things are as evocative of summer nostalgia as taking your family out to catch the action at the ballpark. Sadly though, the cost and stress of packing up the family for a night at a Major League Park can give you second thoughts.

Spending a fortune on Major League tickets, parking and food, to then battle huge crowds and long lines can add up to an overwhelming night. If your goal is to catch a baseball game, while making wonderful summer memories, then look no farther than your Minor League ballpark.

Charm in Spades

The simple old-fashioned beauty of many Minor League stadiums evokes an era when times were simpler. Add in the hometown fan base of families, couples and grandparents with their brood, and you've got a real dose of small town charm.


Minor League ball stadiums know that most of their fan base is families. They also know kids need room to run and play during those long 7th inning stretches. Carousels, bounce houses, playgrounds and picnic areas are the norm in these kid-focused parks. As for entertainment, mascots love to entertain the crowd with infield fun and games. Players often stop for autographs or to toss a game ball to their smallest fans.

Affordable Tickets

A night out at the pro fields can be very expensive. Even the sky-high nosebleed seats cost a mint. Once you factor in the price of the double-digit stadium food and beverages, you're looking at a big dent in your wallet. One of the best features of Minor League seats is the low cost. Even the most "elite" seats can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of one pro ticket.

Delightful Dining

Many Minor League parks feature local, homegrown favorites. Just look at the food offerings at Regency Furniture Stadium in La Plata, MD, home of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. Concession stands fry up rockfish platters and stuffed Maryland crab pretzels.

Professional Parks and Amenities

Larger Minor League parks take cues from their big-name counterparts in terms of space and luxury amenities. Whitaker Bank Ballpark, home of the Lexington Legends, offers dozens of luxury suites, as well as reserved seating areas. Their huge scoreboard and backdrops rivals those of pro stadiums, which adds to the ambience and makes for stunning photo ops.

The Sport Itself

Just because you're at a Minor League stadium, doesn't mean the teams won't bring their A-games. In fact, many of the Major League players started on their local Minor Leagues before getting called up to the pros. You may see a future MLB star in the making during your trip to the park.

If you want to know more about where to find a local Minor League park, check out this list of Best Minor League stadiums. Check out the Major League baseball action at the Minor League park this summer for fun that's sure to become a favorite family tradition!