Your Guide to an Unplugged Weekend That You Will Actually Enjoy

posted: 06/27/18
by: Kristine Boyd

There comes a time when we could all use a digital detox. As much as we love binge watching our favorite shows and scrolling through pictures, everyone needs a good dose of unplugged freedom. Having a day away from your phone might seem extreme, let alone an entire weekend, but hear us out! This can be a fun bonding experience with you and a few friends to really connect and take a break from your screens. We have your official guide to an unplugged weekend that you will actually enjoy!

Before any digital detox festivities commence, there are three important things you need to do:


Step 1: Let people know

Anytime you won't be answering calls, texts, and emails, it is always a good idea to let people know. This way if anyone tries to reach you, they know that you're unavailable for the weekend. It is also important to designate one person to reach out to you in case of emergencies and coordinate that mean of communication.


Step 2: Get friends in on it!

Invite your friends to join you on this digital detox journey! You will be amazed how close you get with people when you don't have social media and phones to distract you. It will be a great bonding experience for you and your friends!


Step 3: Always bring your phone places (just keep it off)

Always take your phone if you are driving or walking around just in case of an emergency. Just keep it off in your bag to continue your unplugged adventure!


Now let your unplugged weekend begin with these fun activities!


#1 Read a book that you've been putting off:

We all have that one book that we have been putting off for months or even years. You pick it up, read one chapter, and then before you know it texts, TV, and social media take its place. Now is your time to finally pick that book back up and finish it! This is the perfect activity to do during your unplugged weekend.

#2 Get a massage:

When was the last time you had a decent massage? If you have to think about it, the answer is "way too long." Treat yourself and enter full relaxation mode. You can even book an entire spa day or create one at home as a way to completely relive the stress from your body. You will love this so much that you will be tempted to do this every weekend!

Have a girl's night in:

Having a girl's night without technology changes the game! You will really get a chance to talk to your friends and truly listen to what they are saying. Getting distracted by social media and TV can hinder a great conversation between friends. Get the snacks and wine flowing and enjoy a wonderful girl's night in!

#4 Cook a recipe from a cookbook:

Instead of looking for a recipe online, go the old-fashioned route! Something about cooking from a cookbook makes the entire process that much more fun. Dig out that box of recipe books you have laying around and get in the kitchen!


#5 Work through urge to check your phone:

It is important to work through that urge to check your phone. You may feel this after only a few hours, but it will only signal to you why you need this detox! We are so addicted to our devices that it's healthy to take time off. Just fight that urge and enjoy your weekend!

We all need a break from our phones every now and then. Create a list of things you've been wanting to do and use this weekend to do them! After you've completed your detox weekend, you will look at technology in a whole new way!