Your Favorite Couples Are Back on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Get a First Look at the Season

posted: 05/23/17
by: Kate Meroski

Get excited! 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? returns June 25th at 8/7c.

Five couples gave up everything for a shot at love and the American dream. But what happens when the 90 days are over? Having survived the K-1 "fiance visa" process, the couples are now married, but quickly realize the honeymoon is over and real life isn't so romantic.

They'll need to face major cultural differences, financial strains, and confronting disapproving family members.

So who can you look forward to seeing this season?

Jorge and Anfisa

This volatile couple met via Facebook--Jorge says it was "love at first sight." The pair quickly married and Jorge promised his Russia bride Anfisa a life filled with luxury and excess. Now she finds their life together may fall short of expectations.

Danielle and Mohamed

These two met online and filed for a K-1 Visa after dating long distance. Their 90 days leading up to their wedding was tumultuous, but they ultimately went through with the wedding. Things unraveled quickly after the wedding, and Mohamed left Danielle. Now separated, they face a legal battle that may send Mohamed back to Tunisia.

Russ and Paola

Paola moved to Oklahoma from Colombia to marry her American cowboy Russ. However, the couple hit hard times as Paola felt out of place in Oklahoma and struggled to make friends or establish her career in modeling and acting. Ultimately, she decided to move to Miami for the Latin culture and better career opportunities while Russ stayed home. Now Paola faces a bright future with a promising modeling career in Miami, but where does that leave Russ?

Loren and Alexei

Loren went through the grueling K-1 Visa process with her Israeli fiance, Alexei. The pair overcame numerous obstacles and made it down the aisle and said, "I do." Now, they face the realities of married life including new revelations that will affect their relationship.

Chantel and Pedro

They met when Chantel's former Spanish teacher introduced her to Pedro to help her learn the language. They quickly fell in love, and after proposing Pedro left the Dominican Republic to move to the U.S. Now married, they're struggling to start a life together because Chantel's family doesn't trust Pedro after they lied about their engagement. In an effort to bring their families closer together, they've have decided to take her entire family to the D.R. for a second wedding. However, their good deed could further drive a wedge between the people that matter to them most.

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