Your Daily Cry: See These Parents Meet Their Adopted Child For The First Time

posted: 08/05/15
by: TLCme
parents meeting adopted child
Kristen Anne Photography

David and Sarah Olson always dreamed about having three children. But both of Sarah's first two pregnancies had been intensely difficult. And the Olson's second son Levi was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect that causes the bones around the spine to fail to fuse. The Olsons were told he might never walk on his own. Doctors warned Sarah that she could risk having another child with Spina Bifida if she got pregnant again but the couple continued to try.

At some point, though, the Olsons realized that there had to be another way.

"I remember this day, a lightbulb went off. I felt this huge desire to adopt," Sarah said.

"The more that we prayed and the more that we thought about it, the more that idea that idea of adoption to complete our family really blossomed in us," David said.

After months and months of planning and waiting, the couple finally met their new child -- a daughter they adopted named Tilly Pearl. The meeting was lovingly documented by a photographer who captured all the heart-wrenching moments of waiting, wondering, and joy. Just try not cry as you flip through these photos, courtesy of Kristen Anne Photography.

You can also hear the thankful couple explain why they decided to go through the adoption process: