You’ll Never Guess What a Cashier Did for This Mother

posted: 02/23/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

Despite appearances, there are still good people in the world.

A photo posted by a woman from South Carolina on Facebook helps prove it.

Ashley Jordan and her husband were shopping for groceries which they dread doing, according to Jordan, because it eats up his whole paycheck. They are a family of five. But, while the couple entered the department store edgy, they likely didn't leave that way after an interaction with a particular cashier.

"She told me my total and I was digging through my wallet trying to count all of my money out," Jordan wrote in her Facebook post. "She gave me a smile and said you guys look like you need a blessing tonight. I just smiled back."

What happened next shocked Jordan and her husband: the cashier--a woman named Sharnique Dasant--paid for half of their groceries.

"I was in complete shock because I never expected anything like that to ever happen," Jordan wrote on Facebook. "Me and my husband were just staring at each other like is she serious? Did she really just do this? I was really at a loss for words."

Dasant put faith back into their hearts, according to Jordan's Facebook post, and she certainly did the same to ours.