You’ll Cry Happy Tears When Watching Animal Planet’s Dodo Heroes

posted: 06/11/18
by: Kate Meroski

Our hearts are so full! Animal Planet's new series Dodo Heroes brings together animals in need and the incredible humans who go to any length to give them hope. The best part? You can binge the entire series now on the Animal Planet GO App.

Who could resist these stories?

Derrick's Elephant Challenge
Derrick Campana specializes in designing prosthetics and orthotic braces for animals. Derrick will fit Jabu, an elephant in Botswana with a life-threatening injury, with the world's first elephant orthotic leg brace, hoping to save his life. Watch the full episode here.

Izzy the Koala Whisperer
Ali Bee, her husband Tim, and daughter Izzy spend their time rescuing and rehabilitating koalas in their home in Australia. Crikey the koala was a baby that was found alone and very sick. Now, it's time for the family to release him into the wild. Watch the full episode here.

Pen and The Dogs of War
British Marine Pen Farthing is the founder of Nowzad, Afghanistan's only official animal sanctuary. When a U.S. soldier rescues six puppies while deployed and can't bring them home, Pen and his team are on a mission to get them reunited in Texas. Watch the full episode here.

Jan and Tim's Greatest Show on Earth
Animal Defenders International (ADI), led by Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips, has already helped ban the animal circus industry in over 40 countries. When their organization arrives in Peru, they embark on their biggest animal rescue challenge yet. Watch the full episode here.

Katherine's Elephant Eden
Katherine Connor and her children run an elephant sanctuary that rescues, rehabilitates, and re-wilds elephants from Thailand's tourism and logging industries. Now she wants to rescue an older elephant, Pang Fai, and release her from chains forever. Watch the full episode here.

Estelle's Favorite Chimp
The loneliest chimp in the world! Chimp expert Estelle Raballand has an incredible bond with Ponso the chimp, who lives alone on an island. Never fear! She's determined to find him a companion and thinks she's found the perfect match. Watch the full episode here.

Grab the tissues and head to Animal Planet's Dodo Heroes to watch every episode now! If you are inspired by what you see, click here to learn more about how you can help support the Dodo Heroes Fund.