Cry Happy Tears at This Kindergartner’s First Day of School Video

posted: 09/09/15
by: Mara Betsch
adrianna kindergartner first day of school

It's amazing how quickly we forget the excitement surrounding the first day of school -- and we're not talking about the excitement of moms looking forward to a kid-free house! Many kids are genuinely stoked to see old friends, meet new teachers, and get back on schedule. In this adorable video, kindergartner Adrianna wore a GoPro to record her first day at Craig Elementary in St. Louis, Missouri. As you watch her take the bus, high-five her principal and settle into her classroom, you can't help but remember the good ol' days. Get ready for a trip down memory lane:

Happy New Year! #backtoparkway

Remember what it was like to go to school for the very first time? We strapped a GoPro camera on a kindergartner to see it from her perspective! Take a look! #backtoparkway #parkway360

Posted by Parkway School District on Wednesday, August 12, 2015