You’ll Be Sipping This Rich, Red Wine-Spiked Hot Chocolate All Winter

posted: 10/20/16
by: Blythe Copeland

Via Yeah...Imma Eat That

Wine and chocolate are already a go-to pairing for dessert tastings, girls' night in, and housewarming gifts (oh -- and chocolate bars ), but together they're about to be your new favorite winter drink, too, with this recipe for red wine hot chocolate from Yeah..Imma Eat That.

This rich, creamy drink is not your typical powdered chocolate with a splash of wine: It's a from-scratch luxury made with milk and dark chocolate chips, finished with a generous full cup of your favorite red. Recipe author Kylie Held Mitchell used a Cabernet Sauvignon and topped the finished product with coconut whipped cream for a drink to sip in front of your favorite holiday movie or as an after-dinner cocktail on a chilly autumn night.

Via Pure Wow