You Won’t Stop Laughing at These 5 Precocious Kids’ Notes

posted: 02/09/16
by: Ashley Lauretta

It is true that kids say the darndest things...but what about when those things are wise beyond their years? In the case of these three kids, they spent their formative years soaking up some serious business chops.

The proof lies in these notes penned to parents -- and in one case, multiple letters to the tooth fairy -- fighting for needs that aren't being met. Their reasoning and administrative skills hint toward a future in litigation. Or they will just have a really good response when making the same negotiations with their children in the future.

Photo 1

Credit: Imgur

Tia's formal memo requesting a meeting with her parents showcases her brevity and no-nonsense attitude.

Photo 2

Credit: Imgur

Spelling errors aside, this girl not only wants to develop healthy habits, but is also prepared to fight for her family. What parent could say no? Especially when she promises not to hurt you and only use her karate chop to do good?

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Photo 5
Credit: Passive Aggressive Notes

The tooth fairy better step her game up because Annisa needs money. She isn't afraid to tack on some penalties for delayed payment. According to her mom who shared the photos, Annisa is now in her 30s and a Director of Human Resources. Hopefully she still prefers to discuss grievances in person over juice and tea.