You Have to See This Crazy Photo of a Woman’s Dress Perfectly Matching Her Hotel

posted: 01/27/16
by: Courtney Reimer

We've seen some crazy fashion moments on the Internet, but this one is up there with the ones there with the craziest - and it was all because of a stunning coincidence in a hotel hallway. In short, it looks as if a woman magically picked out a shirt that perfectly, precisely matches the walls of her hotel hallway.

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An Imgur user captured the mind-boggling moment and posted it to the site, where it's climbing toward 5 million views.

Little is known about the photo or the person in it, just what the caption says: "So my friend checked into a random hotel and then this happened." The comments on the photo have been mostly hilarious, including this favorite: "Is the hotel made of shirt or is her shirt made of hotel?"