You Can Now Work Out on Facebook Live

posted: 07/26/16
by: Ashley Vazquez
@rejanetakamori on Instagram

When you want to get in shape, having a personal trainer or fitness instructor to guide you and help you achieve your goals can really pay off. However, these things can prove really costly, and not to mention a big time commitment. So for those without the funds, or the time, to attend regular fitness classes, a few stellar instructors have started hosting workout sessions on Facebook Live. You can now do your yoga or pilates anywhere-anytime. And the best part? It's all free.

Meet some of the amazing fitness gurs hosting classes on Facebook Live!

The sisters of Super Sister Fitness moved to health-conscious California and were amazed by the wide array of fitness classes and gyms they found there. They became certified trainers and yoga instructors. Now, they host Facebook Live Yoga sessions to help would-be Yogis have access to the type of classes they have in Sunny California.

Livestrong's Facebook page often posts live workouts from a variety of trainers- with sessions ranging from core-targeting workouts to doggy yoga.

YogaGirlLive guides you through relaxing and strengthening workouts via Facebook live. This yoga instructor was a childhood leukemia survivor, who's dedicated to living a healthy, centered life and wants to help you do the same. You can follow along with her at home, or follow along as she works out in the fresh air.

Tumehe Rongonui of Fat Burning Ninjas is an energetic trainer who wants to get you up and moving- no matter where you are. Bonus: He was an awesome accent.

Sarah Placencia is a personal trainer and Zumba instructor who hosts live dance workouts on Facebook. She invites her friends to help her choreograph moves to popular songs, hits record, and lets you dance along- wherever you are.

On Yoga With Me, a New Zealand Yoga instructor lets you tag along on her studio fitness classes no matter where you are in the world.