You Can Now Turn Your Breast Milk Into Jewelry

posted: 07/07/16
by: Ashley Vazquez
Mamma's Liquid Love/Facebook

That's right- you can now wear your breast milk. These handmade earrings, pendants, and rings are designed as a cute keepsake to help you treasure the memories of early motherhood.

Ann Marie Sharoupim is one of the many people promising to turn your breast milk into treasured statement pieces. She started Mamma's Liquid Love after struggling to breastfeed her second daughter. She had to seek out milk from a donor, and made the first pendant as a thank you gift for that donor.

Sharoupim has buyers send in a sample of their breast milk, which she then sterilizes and preserves it in resin (she's a trained pharmacist.) This creates a milky white, almost pearly appearance.

Sharoupim told the New York Post that mothers seek out her site because "They want to preserve the sweetest, closest moments they had with their little ones."

The pieces vary in color and appearance, and they reflect the individuality of each mother's milk. Sharoupim says "Many of my friends joke and tell me I produce "skim milk" because it's so light in color, but several moms produce what my nursing mother's friends call 'butter' which can be very yellow in color. "

Mothers have expressed mixed reactions to breast milk jewelry. Some question the authenticity of the pieces, as Sharouphim herself admits there's no real way to prove your breast milk is in there. Others question the hygiene of it all, and the unsettling aspect of shipping your breast milk off to a stranger.

What do you think? Is this trend likely to catch on? They are pretty cute.