Would You Use This Ride-on Suitcase?

posted: 07/26/16
by: Blythe Copeland
@modobag on Instagram

Navigating a massive international airport can be an exhausting way to start your trip -- especially if you find yourself running late and at the wrong terminal, ready to sprint across the airport to your gate while pulling a clunky carry-on. That's where the Modobag comes in: It's a carry-on sized suitcase with a memory foam seat, throttle, brake, and electric motor that gets you moving as fast as 8 MPH.

Founder Kevin O'Donnell told CNN Money, "We're not trying to make anyone lazy. It's about life efficiency."

Plenty of travelers may be willing to pay top dollar for the luxury of a quicker trip through the airport; the company raised more than $150,000 during an IndieGogo campaign where the bag sold for $995-$1200. Extra features include USB chargers and a custom tracking app so you never lose your bag.