Would You Try the Viral Recipe for a Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich?

posted: 04/12/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Pregnant craving.

There have definitely been times when I look in my fridge and it's slim pickings. However, no matter how much my cupboards looks like Mother Hubbard, I've never been tempted to whip up a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. But since this unique recipe has recently gone viral--with lots of mixed reviews online--is it possible I'm missing out on a delicious meal?

The recipe was shared by the New York Times with a picture of the delicacy captioned, "Consider this less a recipe, more of a prod in a direction that you never considered." The article explained that Dwight Garner, who is a New York Times book critic, considered the "PB & P" his favorite sandwich. He calls this sandwich "a thrifty and unacknowledged American classic." I don't know but throwing around the words American Classic for the PB & P might be a tad dramatic.

While the article suggests we give this sandwich a try, I'm still not buying it, and neither is the internet. If you thought people were angry over strawberries on pizza, you can just imagine the uproar of taking a basic--yet delicious-- peanut butter sandwich and topping it with pickles. Separate--they are great. Together--not so much, in my humble sandwich making opinion.

So what does this pairing taste like? It's described as having "The vinegary snap of the pickles tempers the unctuousness of the peanut butter, and it's an unusual pantry sandwich for when luncheon meats leave you cold." As the responses came flooding in to the recipe, PB &P fans gave tips like toasting the bread and even recommended their favorite pickle to add to the paring. While others simply drew a line in the sand with a hard pass on chowing down on pickles and peanut butter together.

So if you feel inclined to trying something new today, why not whip up a PB & P and tell us in the comments how it tastes. Or if you've been eating these sandwiches for years and think everyone else is missing out, let us know. I'll take your word for it, but I think I'll pass on trying a bite for myself.