Would You Tattoo Your Baby If His or Her Health Depended on it?

posted: 02/18/16
by: TLCme
picture of tattooed dad holding baby

At first blush, the idea of tattooing a baby seems utterly ridiculous, but what if his or her life was at stake? Such is the conundrum faced by one Reddit poster who said he and his wife are running out of options for telling their identical twin babies apart -- one of whom needs lifesaving medication while the other gets severely ill if mistakenly given the medication.

He and his wife have tried everything from nail polish to bracelets to specific colored clothes and distinct haircuts. Most recently they tried permanent marker, but that didn't work, either. He wrote on Reddit:

"This backfired when the twins were at grandmas and after a bath rubbed off the [ink], grandma accidently gave Aaron's medication to Adam. Adam ended up very sick and Aaron in hospital for a week."

So here they are.

"We are after a more permanant solution," he wrote, using the Reddit handle Thrwydad. "I read online about someone tattooing a single dot on one of their twins and also about piercing ears. I really hate to say it but we are here. I need to do something permanant. I could have lost both my sons last weekend and I'm desperate. I am only after permanant solutions. Believe me when I say we have tried everything else before and it didn't work. Please help me. I don't want to lose my boy."

Most responses to the post ultimately agree this may be the best solution -- as long as the tattoo is small and in a relatively inconspicuous location. We have to agree: while few people dream of tattooing their little one, they probably would move heaven and earth to make sure that little one isn't in danger.