Would You Say Yes to This Beyonce-Inspired Prom Dress?

posted: 05/19/16
by: TLCme

Once upon a time, prom dresses were something you bought off the rack at your local department store. Nowadays, young women look like they stepped right off the red carpet for their high school dance. One quite literal example of that: India Ross, a St. Louis-area high school senior who was so inspired by Beyonce's 2015 Met Gala look she went and recreated it for her special night. (Complete with "I Dream of Jeannie"-style blonde high ponytail.)

#Imbeckywiththegoodhair #sorry #inspiration

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Her semi-sheer, nude-tone, jewel-bedazzled frock has taken the internet by storm, with plenty of side-by-side comparisons of the two looks. To achieve the look she went to a local designer, Toi Hall of Toi Box Couture, who made a very close approximation of Bey's barely there gown.

"My date and I felt like Beyonc? and Jay-Z," Ross told BuzzFeed. "It wasn't prom, it felt like we were at the Grammys, everyone slayed."