Would You Buy This Hair Tie Bracelet?

posted: 06/08/16
by: Blythe Copeland
hair tie bracelet
Maria Shireen

The handiest place for a hair tie is around your wrist: The tie is easy to keep track of, always there when you need it, and ready to secure your ponytail immediately. But wearing an elastic band is not exactly a fashion statement -- and, in extreme cases, it can create an infection, as one Kentucky woman learned the hard way. That's where Maria Shireen jewelry comes in: The company makes chic metal bracelets designed with a narrow channel to keep a hair tie easily accessible without sacrificing style.

The company's flagship line, Bittersweet, offers slim bracelets in gold, silver, rose gold, or black in a variety of shapes -- waves, florals, square edges -- and the option to customize your bangle with a personalized engraving. Pair them with a black hair elastic for a modern and sophisticated look. The b+sweet line is aimed at kids and tweens, with bright purple, blue, and pink plastic bracelets that let girls mix and match their rainbow of hair elastics to create their own custom pairing (and helps you keep an extra tie nearby during workouts, at the beach, or with the kids at the park). The Signature collection offers a little extra sparkle with glittery textured channels or rhinestone-edged bracelets. There's also a silver bracelet sold with a white hair tie to raise awareness of postpartum mood disorders; $10 from each sale goes to the organization Postpartum Progress.

What do you think -- would you ever wear one of these?