Woman With Traumatic Brain Injury Smiles When Future Sister-In-Law Asks Her to Be A Bridesmaid

posted: 05/08/17
by: TLCme
Inside Edition
Jessica Torres who suffers from a traumatic brain injury that happened with she was in a car accident in 2011, according to Inside Edition. Nicole Sullivan, Torres' soon to be sister in law, made her smile light up ear to ear when she presented her with a card that read "Will you be my bridesmaid?"

For the first few years after the accident Nichole was unable to communicate, but in recently she's been showing improvements, such as smiling, following people with her eyes, watching TV and various other things.

Nichole told InsideEdition.com: "There's no reason not to include her -- anybody that I would have married, I would have wanted their sister to be a bridesmaid." Derrick, Nichole fiance states that reasons like this make him so happy to be marrying Nichole, her kind heart.