Woman Receives Heart-Wrenching Note From Person Who Stole From Her

posted: 03/07/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

A woman in Washington recently received a note she likely wasn't expecting: one from the person who stole her wind chimes.

But, even less anticipated were the words written on it.

According to the note this woman, named Chrissy Reitz, received, the person who stole her wind chimes was a young boy who took them to cope with the loss of his mother.

"I am sorry that we stole your wind chimes," wrote this boy, named Jake, in the letter, "our mom died and liked butterflies so my sister took it and put it by our window I am sorry this is only money I have please do not be mad."

Along with the note, Jake attached five dollars.

However, instead of being angry with the boy, Reitz is asking that the boy come back to her house so she can return his money and give Jake and his sister more wind chimes.

We hope Reitz is somehow able to reach Jake.