Witness the Coolest “Mommy and Me” Class We’ve Ever Seen

posted: 04/05/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Kanga Groove dance class

I have been to every "mommy and me" class that has ever been invented -- swimming, dance, art, gym, music. I even went to a "mommy and me" zoo class. You name it, and I signed my kids up for it. But now an adorable viral video shows a group of dancing moms wearing their tiny tots in a very different type of "mommy and me" class. And this one has me all kinds of jealous and wanting to dance, too.

KangaGroove is a baby-wearing dance class in San Diego, and after a few of the videos from their classes hit the internet, it quickly took the top spot for coolest "mommy and me" class EVER. Seriously, someone give me a baby and sign me up.

In a video posted to Facebook, a KangaGroove class full of moms wearing their adorable babies perform a choreographed dance to the 1997 Sugar Ray hit "Fly." The best part is when Sugar Ray's lead singer belts out that familiar line "Put your arms around me, baby" and the moms do just that by giving their baby a squeeze. So stinking cute.

For now KangraGroove classes are only happening in California, but the studio owners are hoping to bring these classes to moms everywhere. So get your baby and dancing shoes ready.