Why Your Child’s Boredom This Summer is Actually a Good Thing

posted: 07/24/17
by: Kristine Boyd
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Every summer, kids get to have 3 months of pure freedom. No school days, no homework and nothing to keep them busy. Summer usually starts out as being filled with loads of fun activities. You're taking the kids to the pool, going to parks, riding bikes and getting more ice cream than you're willing to admit. But, there comes a time when the excitement of summer vacation wears off that the kids inevitably get bored. They are laying around the house with seemingly nothing to occupy their time. This sets many parents into panic mode wear they start frantically looking up fun activities to do with their 5-year-old, usually resulting in handing them over the iPad. Boredom is widely understood as being a bad thing. But Dr. Teresa Belton, from the School of Education & Lifelong Learning at the University of East Anglia, has a different opinion.

Dr. Belton specializes in children and the importance of their imaginations. She thinks that children being bored is not a bad thing, but actually a really good thing! "Children need to have stand-and-stare time, time imagining and pursuing their own thinking processes or assimilating their experiences through play or just observing the world around them," she told BBC. Dr. Belton often argues that boredom is the key to creativity. So, while your children are bored, it is the perfect opportunity to get your kids to engage in their imagination.

Say no to the technology! It can be too easy to hand them an iPad or turn on the TV to keep them busy. Think about it. When you were a child bored at home, you used to create stories in your head. You would pretend your tent was a castle or that your dog was a large tiger on the hunt. Your imagination went wild. Think back to the times where you would get so caught up in an imaginary game that you would forget to eat lunch. Imagination is not only healthy, but necessary for children to learn, grow and develop.

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Boredom in the summer allows your kids to think creatively outside of a classroom and to truly use their brain for whatever they want! It is a really amazing thing if you think about it. So, don't stress the next time your child is bored. Put the technology away, tell them to go outside and let their minds run wild!

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