Why You Shouldn’t Diet Before Your Wedding Day

posted: 06/19/18
by: Kristine Boyd

As your wedding day approaches, you are probably putting yourself under pressure to look your absolute best. Many brides panic and try to over-exercise and diet in order to make sure that they look good in all the professional photos that they will be sharing or years to come. We think that there needs to be an end to this popular dieting trend. While it is always good to take care of your body, we are here to tell you why you shouldn't diet before your wedding!


  1. Unwanted stress

You already have a million things on your list of things to do before your wedding day, that trying to be on a strict diet will only make you more irritable. Trying to pick out a dress is nerve-wracking enough, let alone trying to form your body to fit the beauty ideal. Planning a wedding is a stressful situation in itself without the added pressure to look a certain way. This is only going to make the planning process less fun and more work in the long run!


  1. You want to look like YOU

So many brides try to diet down to a certain size that when they look back at wedding pictures year later, they don't even recognize themselves. You are going to want to look and feel like yourself on your big day! Don't look back and see a stressed, hungry, and tired bride who was unhappy with her body. Look back and see a happy, healthy, and authentic bride who is enjoying a great day celebrating the love of her life!


  1. You might refer to unhealthy habits

It can be easy to panic about your appearance close to the wedding and take on unhealthy habits in order to look a certain way. Over exercising and undereating can cause major damage to your metabolism, which can hurt you in the long run. You want to feel good and healthy on your big day and not depleted of energy. Try eating healthy, balanced meals and staying active. This way you will feel confident and full of energy when your wedding day arrives!

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  1. It will form negative memories

When you look back at your wedding day, you want to think of all the positive, happy moments. You don't want to be thinking about what size you were or what you looked like in your dress. Trying to diet will only make you focus more on your body than your wedding. Remember the good moments and make your planning process a positive one!


  1. You forget what the day is REALLY about

Putting all the focus on your weight will make you lose sight of what your wedding day really represents. It's not about the fancy dress, professional photos, and perfect makeup. We can get so caught up in the superficial things because we really just want to feel confident on our big day. But when it really comes down to it, it is about you marrying the love of your life and sharing an amazing day with family and friends.



When it comes to weddings, we are all for getting active and being healthy. But dieting, on the other hand, is not the solution. You deserve to have the best, most memorable day. So, don't waste it worrying about what you look like! Check out the latest 2018 wedding trend!